Finance & Control (international) full-time hbo

Full-time programme in Breda

Finance & Control (international), previously International Financial Management, trains you to become a financial professional who understands that a specific approach is needed in every country.

Your employer wants to set up a production facility in Taiwan. It is your task to calculate future revenues, production costs and the net present value of the project.

Or, your company wants to take over one of its competitors and it's your task to research their financial information to determine the value of this company.

As an international financial specialist, you know how to create profitability, take investment decisions, apply risk management and present a business or export plan.


You are an ambitious student with good analytical and numerical skills. You want to start a career in an international financial environment, inside or outside the Netherlands. You like working with different nationalities and speak and write business English fluently.

The programme Finance & Control (international)

You will acquire knowledge about finance, accounting and management. You will also learn the necessary business skills, such as intercultural awareness and empathy for those around you. You will work in small groups on international business assignments. Your lecturer is your coach. You will spend 6 to 18 months abroad for an internship or exchange. Upon graduation you will be granted the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Features of this study programme

Finance & Control (international) is taught in English and many fellow students and lecturers come from abroad. 'International' also means learning about matters like dealing or investing in foreign currencies, recognising and bridging cultural differences and working on international projects.

Finance & Control is also offered in Dutch.

Check the differences between this programme and other programmes in the Economics and Business area of interest (pdf in Dutch).

Feel free to ask

student Laura about the study programme
via Whatsapp : +31 6 - 49 60 49 93
the intake coordinator about admission


Online Open avonden voltijd/duaal 2, 3 en 4 november

Online Open avonden voltijd/duaal 2, 3 en 4 november


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