Industrial Engineering & Management full-time hbo

Structure of the programme

You will study complex technical systems in depth. You will know what you are talking about when you design and record maintenance procedures. Or explain them to the engineers who will carry out the maintenance. You will learn to predict how long a machine will last. And when it is time for large-scale maintenance. So you can preclude risks and monitor safety. You will also learn about management structures. Planning and execution. Materials management. Cost analysis. And logistical matters.

Foundation phase

This study programme combines business management, technology and people-oriented subjects. Later you will work with complex technical systems. You will learn to establish a link between design and research, and to translate this into technical specifications. You will also learn to make sound predictions about service life and replacement, and to assess safety risks and quotations. You will follow subjects such as Hydraulics & Pneumatics and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems.

Advanced phase

You will follow subjects in the field of business management. You will learn how to deal with management processes, implementation, quality control and logistical issues.

Maintenance is teamwork. That's why you will take classes on leadership, communication and project management. Because you will be working at an international level, you will study international business cultures in depth. And ergonomics, safety and health. You will usually carry out your research projects within companies.

Additional course overview information

statistical control, maintenance performance, planning & preparation, lean maintenance, reliability-centered maintenance, strategic asset management