Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology of Milieukunde

Full-time programme in Breda

Career opportunities

The job opportunities after you graduate are excellent. You could, for instance, join a government agency where you would develop and implement environmental policies. Or you might target an Environment, Health and Safety job in industry. Or maybe you would prefer to work in an environmental consultancy where assignments range from technical solutions to environmental licensing or policy-making.

Potential Careers

  • Consultant
    Clients ranging from municipalities to industries and companies want to have a problem solved. Possible issues include soil investigation, energy reduction and air quality management.
  • Policy development officer in a government agency
    You work for a government agency where you have to determine how the government can achieve certain environmental goals. You also have to monitor implementation of the policy proposed and check whether you achieve the goals.
  • Environmental licensing officer in a government agency
    Many industrial activities require an environmental licence. You work for the government to produce the environmental licence for a specific company. Or you check the company to see whether it meets the licensing requirements.
  • Environment-Health-Safety Officer
    You work in industry. You are responsible for a safe working environment for the employees of the company. You also have to make sure the company works within the boundaries of its environmental licence. You keep pushing the company to develop more sustainable production techniques.
  • Water Board enforcement officer
    You work for a government agency or a water board. You may be involved in water treatment techniques or in managing water quality and quantity.