Work placement in Valencia

Living with a Spanish family was a great experience for me.

Josefine studies International Business and opted for a work placement in Spain.

Work placement

"My work placement abroad was a unique opportunity to connect with Spanish culture".

Her work placement company is based in the Valencia area. It grows and sells citrus fruits and related products, such as marmalade, liqueur and honey. Competition in Spain is fierce. That’s why the company is concentrating its marketing efforts on other countries. As part of this, Josefine is working on a marketing plan for the implementation of the growth plans in North Rhine-Westphalia and on improvements to the international online store. She also takes care of translations into English of product information, blogs and social media messages.

“As my placement company is in a small town, I had a long commute every day at the beginning of my placement. Fortunately, a co-worker soon made me a wonderful offer.”

English tutoring

“She offered me to move in with her. In return, she wanted me to speak English with her daughter and to help her daughter with her English homework occasionally. The girl was keen to pass her English exams. Of course, this offer was too good not to take up. From then on, I was able to walk to my placement every day.”

Different culture

“The family I ended up living with was extremely hospitable, kind and fun to spend time with. There’s no better way I can think of to familiarize yourself with Spanish culture.

“Spanish family life is very different from ours. This especially comes out at mealtimes. Families have a hot lunch around 2:30 p.m. and then a hot dinner again at 9:30 p.m., only this time served with bread. Meat is the main component of meals. Vegetables are less important.”

“What also struck me about Spanish culture is how important family is. My host family is very close. Not only father, mother and grandparents are important, uncles, aunts and cousins are too. When they meet, they usually kiss each other on both cheeks.”

Cosy and familiar

“Living with a Spanish family was a great experience for me. In December, the lights in the Christmas tree were glowing when we were watching TV at night after a fun class at the local gym. We all enjoyed a traditional Dutch syrup waffle I had introduced them to. Cosy and familiar, just like back in the Netherlands!”