Sijanda de Boer

I understood the importance of the experience and the knowledge of other cultures I had gained.

Sijanda de Boer graduated from the Bachelor of International Business and Languages (now International Business) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in 2013. Today, she is a campaign manager at Blue Field Agency.

“International Business is a broad programme, and that really was a plus for me. When it came to choosing a study programme, I thought about where my passions lie. I’m good with numbers and I like travel. International Business combines these things. I’ve lived in Seville, London and Mexico for my work placements and minor programme.”

Understanding of other cultures

“My first job as a recruiter matched perfectly with my training. As an assistant consultant, I helped Dutch SMEs to hire international staff. This not only involved marketing, but international communication too. A colleague with no experience abroad had a different way of approaching international staff. Only when I realised this, I understood the importance of the experience and understanding of other cultures I had gained. This had seemed a given when I was a student.”

A job in London within 2 days

“My boyfriend and I moved to London in early 2016. I was hired there within 2 days. My international experiences definitely played a part in that. As the first Dutch person in this British organisation, it was my job to set up the online marketing activities for the Dutch market. Every European country had its own team. This enabled me to practice speaking all kinds of different languages at lunch. It really was an unforgettable experience!”

Building brands

“I’ve been working as a campaign manager at Blue Field Agency in Amsterdam since 2017. I provide businesses with strategic, tactical and operational advice on the best possible deployment and combination of offline and online marketing. I love building brands this way. My ambition is to become a top strategic marketer who knows how to combine online and offline marketing. When I was still a student, I considered every part of the programme useful. What I notice today is that everyone is interested in my experience abroad.”