Gilberto de Freitas

The internship provided me with an amazing experience. 

The internship I am doing now is with Fokker Services B.V., stationed in Hoofddorp, Noord-Holland. I was really excited to do this internship because it would be about maintenance, which is one of the main goals of my study in Industrial Engineering and Management. Besides that, at Fokker it is all about airplanes, which relates to the minor I did earlier, in Aerospace Engineering and Management. 

Managing and support

However, my company tutor had a slightly different plan for my internship. My efforts would instead be dedicated to a small institution called DCMC, which was not yet open to the public at the time.


My goal at the company is managing and supporting in whatever is needed to get the facilities up and running. While the practical part of my internship is not exactly connected to my education in the way it was originally intended, the resources that DCMC are able to provide me are irreplaceable in my school project, and it provides me with an amazing experience as well as the lesson that sometimes you not end up doing what you had planned in the first place.