Yad Khan

What makes this study unique is the ideal amalgamation between technology, safety and management.

"The courses I’ve followed are extremely broad, ranging from Drive Technology to Material Science and Project Management. This enjoyable mix of courses eventually makes you understand how a complex system or process can successfully operate. Eventually, you can specialise in an industry that interests you the most (e.g. automotive, navy or aerospace)."

Future development

"I like that the program is focused on modern and upcoming technologies. The increasing popularity of Big Data plays a significant role in the program. Certain courses, like AI & Maintenance and IoT & Big Data, have helped me understand how to use big data to solve problems in real-life industrial environments. As the maintenance industry is continuously evolving, it is important to learn about upcoming technologies, challenges and potentials."


"In every period, I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge in group projects. In each project, you work together with peers to solve a real-life problem for a company. The tutors from Avans offer excellent guidance on a professional level, which allows you to learn from every project. During these projects, you develop your personal skills, which ultimately makes you a better engineer, co-worker and business partner."


"As explained before, you are able to specialise in an industry that interests you the most. Although maintenance strategies can be quite universal and applicable to most industries, each industry works with different regulations and technologies. Personally, I find it important to explore different industries during my internships. In year 3, I’ve done my internship at Alstom, implementing predictive maintenance in the railroad industry. During year 4, my graduation internship is at the Royal Netherlands Air Force, revising the maintenance strategy for a helicopter."