Petko Marinikov

Teamwork is essential and the group work is really enjoyable.

"After long-exhausting months of thinking over my future as a senior in Bulgaria, I found the profile of the 2020/2021 ESSET study program. I knew back then that I want to study sustainable energy since it is the technology our future world will be built on. I found Avans thanks to its high ranking in the dutch education system."

"ESSET was adaptable and approachable and managed to assist me in every possible way figuring out more about the program and its values."

"As a first-year student here, the institution didn’t give me a single decision I made to regret. I enjoy the work, the students, and all the staff as well as the unlimited opportunities on the campus. The work here is pretty efficient due to the organization."


"Teamwork is essential and the group work is really enjoyable. Just like the other students, the teachers are approachable and easy to work with. They are always there to help and share their guidance in order to achieve the maximum of us. This helps us stay motivated and learn a lot while working on a variety of projects concerning the future of worldwide industry and environment."

"Teamwork and dedication are surely the most accurate words to describe the education process which by the way gives numerous opportunities for further individual development. Some of them where I have a role are the PR team, the Spanish and Dutch courses, as well as others like student council, Essence, excel courses etc."

Future development

"Studying Environmental science is a major step that anyone who is concerned with the future development of humanity should consider. Studying ecology, circular economy, sustainable energy, water treatment, and going on through more of the important fields of science, the program teaches us how to develop in a world where we can all grow in. I advise future students interested in sustaining our environment to give this program a place in your application forms because of its relevance and potential for your own development. As well as the prosperity of the worldwide communities and societies."

"Making the first step is hard, but ESSET is one wonderful, professional, and modernized programme. It can give you a lot in terms of high-level education and opportunities for future development like internships and the experience needed to contribute to a better world. I hope to have the chance to meet some of you in the upcoming year."