Information for parents

As a parent or carer, you want to ensure your child has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential and be happy at university. Starting university is a big step for your child, especially if he or she will study abroad. We understand that this may be an adjustment for you too and that naturally you are interested in your child’s decision. This page provides you with an overview of key information about studying in the Netherlands, admission at Avans, financial aid, safety and insurance, career opportunities and more for you to explore.

Studying in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has 2 types of higher education: research universities, where everything revolves around scientific research, and universities of applied sciences, which focus on teaching professional skills. Avans falls into this latter category.

A factsheet published by the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education Nuffic provides a comprehensive explanation of the higher education system in the Netherlands.

Studying at Avans University of Applied Sciences

If your child decides to come to Avans, he or she will be studying at the top university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. For many years, we have maintained our leading position in the national league table rankings.

Small and interactive classes, practice-based education, career-oriented bachelor’s degree programmes set up by professionals from the industry, internationalised curricula and state-of-the-art facilities: these are all part of the student experience at the Netherlands’ top university of applied sciences.

Avans offers every student personal attention and support inside and outside the classroom. We are dedicated to helping our students achieve their maximum potential. Students from all over the world do not only choose Avans because of its outstanding education. We set ourselves apart by offering our students excellent counselling and guidance.

Support is always nearby. When your child faces homesickness, for example, or other personal problems. When he or she wants to combine sports with study. Or needs advice on practical matters such as accommodation, insurance and finances. Our student counsellors and International Office staff always offer tailored counselling.

Successfully graduating from Avans requires responsibility, an open attitude, a passion for applied knowledge and dedication. Upon graduation, your child will be rewarded with great opportunities to pursue a master’s degree and the employability of our graduates is excellent.

You will also be glad to know that the Avans cities of Breda, Den Bosch and Tilburg offer a pleasant and safe environment for young adults.

Watch the testimonial video to hear why international student Cheryl Man recommends studying at Avans:

Study programmes at Avans

Avans offers a range of international bachelor’s and master’s degrees and semester exchange programmes. Our website offers detailed information on the programme structure, testimonials of current students and staff members, post-graduation destinations as well as practical information regarding the application procedure and admission requirements.

Our YouTube channel offers detailed videos on the international bachelor's degrees we offer.

Study costs and scholarships

Studying in the Netherlands may seem expensive. It is however a great investment, considering the excellent level of education and career perspectives.

Our tuition fees page offers more information about the different fees that apply. Please note that every university of applied sciences in the Netherlands charges the same tuition fee for students from the European Economic Area (EEA). A higher but competitive tuition fee applies for non-EEA students because their tuition is not subsidised by the Dutch government.


Avans helps international students arrange accommodation via housing corporations. In most cases a student has a private bedroom in an apartment or house. Kitchen, bathroom, toilet and living room are shared with 2 to 3 other international students. All rooms are fully furnished. Rent for these rooms varies between €370 and €475 per month. This includes gas, water and electricity and in most cases internet access.

Application deadlines

Different deadlines apply depending on your child’s nationality, chosen mode of study and the programme he or she applies for. Please read our practical information before proceeding with the application. As the admission process takes some time we recommend students to apply as soon as possible.

Contact us

If you and your child would like to have more information, there are different occasions organised for you to get in touch with us. Find out the upcoming events for international prospective students and get connected!

If you would like to hear more from our international students, you can reach out to one of our student ambassadors. These international students are happy to share their experiences of the Avans study programmes and living and studying in the Netherlands with you.

Alternatively you can phone or email the Avans International Office with your questions. Our English-speaking staff will be more than happy to assist you:

+31 88 525 80 01
[email protected]