Tuition fees

The following tuition fee amounts have been set for the 2020-2021 academic year. These amounts apply to new students.

  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree students, EEA or Dutch nationality: €2,143.00
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree students, non-EEA nationality: €8,198.00
  • Contract Erasmus+ or exchange students, EEA and non-EEA generally do not pay tuition fees to Avans University of Applied Sciences.
  • Individual EEA and non-EEA exchange students do pay tuition fees to Avans University of Applied Sciences.

All obligations, financial or otherwise, must be met before you are entitled to take or resit exams and interim exams, participate in any educational activity or make use of facilities.

Here you find the payment instructions step by step.

The tuition fees are reviewed annually, and are therefore subject to change. Read more about how fees are set on the determination of the institutional tuition fees page.

Statutory tuition fee reduction

The Dutch national government has put forward a bill to halve statutory tuition fees for first-year students. Under this bill, tuition fees for the first year of study may be reduced for nationals of the Netherlands, European Economic Area countries, Switzerland and Suriname. Students enrolled on a teacher training programme will be eligible for this reduced fee for 2 years. Details are available from the Dutch national government website.

Payment of tuition fees

You pay your tuition fees directly to Avans University of Applied Sciences. You can only do this via a digital authorisation. You fill in your digital authorisation during your application in the online Studielink environment.

Granting digital authorisation: EEA or Dutch nationality

You must register in Studielink first. In My Studielink, go to 'My To-Do List' and select 'Enter your payment details'. Enter your details here and specify how you want to pay your tuition fees. Avans must receive your digital authorisation before 1 September. If you miss the deadline, you will not be enrolled as an Avans student. However, in connection with the legislation relating to the pan-European direct debit scheme (SEPA) all arrangements must be in place for your enrolment, including the digital authorisation, by 31 August 2020 in order for the financial transactions to be processed correctly.

Tuition fees cannot be collected until your enrolment is complete. Please note that you issue a digital authorisation for a one-off collection or for collection in 9 instalments. If you pay in instalments you will pay €24 in collection charges.

Granting digital authorisation: non-EEA nationality

You register via Studielink. In My Studielink, go to 'My To-Do List' and select 'Enter your payment details'. Enter your details once you have opened a Dutch bank account.

Terms of enrolment

Visit Studentinfo for detailed information on the terms of enrolment.