Accommodation in Breda

Breda has a rapidly growing student population. This means finding suitable and affordable accommodation can be a challenge. This page provides you with information about renting a room in Breda during your period of study.

Avans does not offer student accommodation. Instead, we have partnered with the 2 major housing associations in Breda to launch an accommodation reservation system.

All rooms are fully furnished. In all cases you will share a flat with other students, usually international students. Rental prices range from €370 to €475 per month. This includes water, electricity, gas and internet access. You will need to pay the rent for the full semester in 1 payment when you sign the rental agreement.

Please be aware that a limited number of accommodations are offered on this website, so not all students can be accommodated directly via the 2 housing associations.

Your eligibility

If there are any rooms available, you can reserve one on the condition that you have been selected by the coordinator of your programme and that you will be studying one of the programmes listed below.

Bachelor’s degree programmes

  • Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology
  • International Business
  • Finance & Control (international)

Exchange programmes

  • Arts & Interaction
  • Biobased Technology & Business Development
  • Biotechnology
  • Biorefinery Technology
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Environmental Geography
  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • International Business Operations
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • International Finance
  • International Forensics
  • International Public Affairs & Stakeholder Management
  • Leadership, Sustainability and Business
  • Strategic Business Decisions
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Receiving your login details

If you have been selected to apply for a room you will receive an email containing a login code and instructions on how to book accommodation through the Student Rooms Breda website. Please note that the login code is different from your student number.

If you will start your studies in September, you will receive the login code early July. If you start studying at Avans in February, you will receive the login code early December.

Terms and conditions

If you will study at Avans for 1 academic year or longer, the tenancy period will be a full academic year. If you will study at Avans for 1 semester, the tenancy period will be this semester.

The tenancy period is not flexible. Your rental agreement will start in the introduction week and has a set end date.

Note that you are not permitted to move to a different room or cancel the agreement during the specified tenancy period.

Other websites and agencies

You will need to arrange accommodation yourself if you enrol on a study programme not listed above or you have not been selected. In this case, please visit our general Finding accommodation page to get started.


If you have any accommodation-related questions, please send an email to