Rules and regulations

Before you apply for a study programme at Avans University of Applied Sciences, make sure you have informed yourself about our rules and regulations.

You can find these rights and regulations in the Student Charter. And in the Code of Conduct for international students. Also check our Terms of Enrolment.

The Admissions Committee will send you a notification if you failed to enrol on time, your study choice test was not performed on time or if the documentation concerning your application is not complete. You then do not meet the relevant conditions set out in the Avans University of Applied Sciences Terms of Enrolment. In that case, you may submit a request for enrolment to the Admissions Committee. This is only possible in the case of a special circumstance. Also, the request should be submitted as soon as possible after receiving the notification.

You will always receive a response from the Admissions Committee after submitting the request for enrolment. Additional information may occasionally be required before the request can be assessed. It is important that the request is as complete as possible, with any relevant additional documentation, so that the request can be assessed. Read more about this in the Admissions Committee Regulations.

If you have a complaint, please follow the General Complaints Procedure for Students and the complaints procedure set by the National Commission.

The Education and Examination rules for your study programme set out the rights and obligations for that academic year.

Avans uses a grading table for the conversion of marks or grades awarded outside the Netherlands. For details, please visit the Grading tables page.