Checklist and deadlines

Before you can start planning your trip to the Netherlands you will need to make sure that you have completed all the necessary formalities.


Keep in mind that deadlines apply. If you do not meet the given deadlines we cannot offer you any guarantees.

Use the checklist to see if you have made all necessary arrangements.

1. Enrol

Depending on the programme you want to join, you will either need to enrol through the Studielink website or by completing an application form. Please check the application procedure page for details.

2. Send required documents

As part of the application procedure, you must submit a number of documents to Avans University of Applied Sciences. Please check the page below that applies to your situation:

3. Complete the intake

Avans University of Applied Sciences supports you in choosing the right study programme for you. To this end we have integrated the intake into the application procedure. Please visit the intake page for details.

4. Arrange financial matters

Please visit the Tuition fees page for details. Here you will find which tuition fees apply to you and how you can arrange the payment of your fees. EEA students can qualify for a student grant and student finance from the Dutch government. Check if you meet the admission criteria and how to apply on the website of DUO.

5. Arrange health insurance

Everyone living in the Netherlands is obliged to have a type of insurance called ‘basisverzekering’, which is a basic health insurance policy. This has consequences for people from abroad, whose residence in the Netherlands is temporary. Check all information about health insurance.

6. Arrange accommodation

Make sure you have made arrangements for accommodation in the Netherlands. You can either make your own individual arrangements or have accommodation arranged through Avans. Read more about accommodation.

7. Arrange a visa and/or residence permit

Students from countries outside the European Union (with the exception of students from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, the United States of America and Vatican City State) who wish to reside in the Netherlands for a period exceeding three months, must hold a visa prior to their departure to the Netherlands. Read all information about visas.

All non-EU students also need to apply for a residence permit in the first week after arrival. Avans International Office will help you to make the necessary arrangements. Please check beforehand which documents and financial means you need in order to obtain a residence permit.