You are looking for a study programme abroad.

Naturally you are looking first and foremost for information on the contents of the many courses on offer. But you also want to know what facilities Avans University of Applied Sciences has to offer, such as our knowledge centre Xplora, IT facilities, the Avans café and restaurant, sports facilities, student societies, and so on.

Xplora makes studying enjoyable

A mountain of information is available, in books and magazines and online. The challenge is to find reliable information that is valuable to your research or project. Use Xplora to find information for your study programme.

Xplora offers a digital platform containing databases for all areas of expertise, with articles and e-books from reliable sources that you can easily search 24/7 and use free of charge. Unsure how to use a specific database? Check out our tutorials.

The larger Avans locations also have an Xplora in the building: a collection of books and magazines for your area of expertise that you can use free of charge as long as the building is open. Borrowing is also possible, with our easy-to-use lending machine.

Xplora can also help you correctly cite sources for a paper (APA style) and filter the most useful information from the plethora available. If you have any questions, check out xplora.avans.nl first.

Where education meets the outside world

This is an interface between the outside world and the world of education, where students come to explore products, problems and questions within the business community, each from their own discipline. It is impossible to think of a better way to establish a sound network and gain useful work experience at such an early stage. Naturally you can’t discover everything on your own, and you are certain to run up against questions and sometimes you will need help. At these times you can always count on the assistance of a study counsellor or one of the tutors.

Competency-driven and student-oriented education

Avans University of Applied Sciences has opted for competency-driven and student-oriented education. In order to put this style of education into practice, Avans is the first university of applied sciences in the Netherlands to open so-called ‘Xplora’ centres in Den Bosch, Breda and Tilburg. Other universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands are now showing an interest in our concept and want to know more about the approach taken by Avans.

Education is not a one-way street

For a long time now, education has no longer been a one-way street. Students are more independent and obtain their information from many different sources: the Internet and other mass media, books and databases, lecturers and fellow students, the study environment and the world around them.

Active search for information

Students want to take an active approach when it comes to information: they do not want to just absorb information without thinking – they want to research, experience, discuss, and consult specialists. Student-oriented and competency-driven education responds to this demand. It gives students scope to work on their own development and to take responsibility themselves for their studies. But, if this is the intention of our policy, we need to facilitate the process for students and lecturers effectively. And this is exactly what we are doing in Xplora.


At every Xplora you will find computers where you can work individually, in small groups and different settings. Internet, word processing, spreadsheets and access to automated catalogues and databases are all standard options. In addition to the traditional books, magazines and reference works, the multimedia library also offers dissertations, audiovisual material and CD-ROMs entirely geared towards your study programme. Other facilities, such as a photocopier, scanner and printer are also available.

Professional staff members are happy to help you on the way using the in-house collection and many other sources of information. The multimedia library is part of the interlibrary network enabling you - at a fee - to also retrieve material from other Dutch libraries.

Free access

Xplora can be freely accessed by all Avans students and staff during opening hours. Your chip card doubles as your library card which you will need if you want to borrow anything. Borrowing from the in-house collection is entirely free of charge.


As a student at Avans University of Applied Sciences you will receive a personal e-mail address and mailbox. You can access your mailbox wherever you are. This also enables you to communicate electronically with your fellow students and lecturers. You will receive your e-mail address together with your login code and password.


Want to work on projects together with your project group? Or do you need a laptop for a presentation? At most Avans campuses you will be able to borrow a laptop from the ICT-Service desk for a day.


Within most Avans buildings you will be able to use a wireless network. Through this network you have Internet access including all corresponding services (web mail etc.). For WiFi (wireless fidelity) access you need to register with the helpdesk stating the device you are using. Don't forget to bring your Avans chip card when registering.

PC rooms

All Avans campuses offer a number of PC rooms that you can access. You can work on projects, surf the web and e-mail. Assistants are sometimes available to help you with any of your ICT enquiries.


Do you need to work on a project with your project group? Are you looking for more information? Or do you want to be able to study in peace? Avans University of Applied Sciences offers various types of workplaces. Depending on the nature of your work, you can find an appropriate room.

Project rooms

Do you want to watch audiovisual material or have a discussion without being disturbed? The project rooms available within Avans University of Applied Sciences enable you to meet in a quiet environment with your fellow students.