Determination of the institution tuition fees

 The Executive Board determines the rates for the institution tuition fees of Avans University of Applied Sciences. We apply the following criteria when determining the level of the fees:

  • Broad accessibility. We keep the rates as low as possible. The institution tuition fees are not set with a view to making a profit.
  • Uniformity. We use one rate for similar study programmes wherever possible.
  • Responsible use of government funds for the implementation of education. 
  • Breaking even. We apply a break-even rate as the lower limit. From 2010 this has consisted of the statutory tuition fees plus the average government funding per student. With the addition of a small supplement to cover the costs that we specifically incur in relation to students.
  • Strategic positioning of Avans in the Dutch higher education sector.

The Executive Board seeks the advice of the Joint Consultative Council when determining and adjusting the rates. 

We publish the rates in Dutch and English on our website. Partly as a result of changing government and Avans policy, Avans retains the right to adjust the standards on which we base the rates each year.