Every year more and more international students start their studies in the Netherlands. At Avans University of Applied Sciences we also welcome a growing number of international students in our campus cities Breda and Den Bosch.

To study at Avans means there are a lot of different things that need to be arranged. Finding suitable accommodation requires your attention. You need to consider this as a condition to start your studies at Avans due to the current scarcity of student rooms. Start your search for accommodation early. Please be aware that finding accommodation is your own responsibility. It requires time and commitment from your end. Being able to find suitable accommodation is a prerequisite for a smooth start of your study at Avans.

If you are unable to secure suitable accommodation prior to your arrival in the Netherlands, we regret to recommend you to reconsider to start your studies at Avans until the situation improves. The burden of searching for accommodation during the first weeks of the academic year, can put a lot of pressure on you personally and subsequently on your academic performance.

5 tips to find student accommodation

Getting ready to move to the Netherlands? Finding a room can be a challenge. Our international students share 5 tips to help you find suitable student accommodation in time.


Pay attention to contract duration

When you have secured a place to stay before commencing your studies, it is important to know when you have to vacate that space. This is especially important for degree-seeking students, as they will be here for a longer period of time than exchange students. Often, rooms are available for 6-12 months, which means you have to start the search for your next room early on. For some rooms, you might be able extend your contract after the first 6 months/year. Make sure to inform who you are renting from, that if possible, you would like to rent longer.

Accommodation options

Read more about your accommodation options. Please choose the city where you will be studying:

If you do not know in which city you will be studying, please check the ‘Practical Information’ chapter in your study programme.