When it comes to studying at Avans University of Applied Sciences, there are many things to arrange. Finding suitable accommodation is one of them. With the current shortage of student housing, it is important to approach this task thoughtfully. 

Finding the right place to live is crucial for a smooth start of your study at Avans. Starting your search for accommodation early is key, as it takes time and effort. Please keep in mind that we will assist you to the best of our ability, but it is important to understand that finding accommodation is your own responsibility.

5 tips to find student accommodation

Getting ready to move to the Netherlands? Finding a room can be a challenge. Our international students share 5 tips to help you find suitable student accommodation in time.


Assistance from Avans

Even though you are responsible for finding accommodation yourself, the Avans International Office can assist you in finding housing. To use this service, you must be an Avans student and have an Avans student number. When your registration is complete, you will receive more information about this potential assistance via email.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist if you require accommodation for a partner or friend who is not an Avans student. We facilitate the matching of students with accommodation opportunities, but we are for example not involved in the subsequent arrangements between you and the landlord.

Accommodation options

Avans does not have its own student accommodation. Instead, we partnered with housing associations where (a limited number of) furnished student rooms are available for international Avans students. Choose the city where you will be studying for more information:

If you don't know in which city you will be studying, please check the ‘practical information’ chapter in your study programme.

In addition, there are (commercial) agencies, organisations, websites or your social network that can help you find accommodation in any Avans campus city. Read more about these options and other practical tips.

Find your accommodation in time

If you are unable to secure accommodation before you arrive in the Netherlands, we recommend you to consider postponing the start of your studies at Avans until the situation improves. The stress of searching for housing during the first weeks of the academic year can be challenging and may affect your ability to focus on your studies.