Late payment of tuition fees

You are in arrears with the payment of your tuition fees at Avans University of Applied Sciences. There are several ways of resolving this.

Dealing with late payment

In the event of late payment, Avans sends an email to the email address that you entered in Studielink. We ask you to transfer the outstanding amount to Avans straight away. We repeat this request if the payment has still not been made. We also tell your study programme about your late payment.

Still not paid after 14 calendar days

If we have not received the outstanding amount within 14 calendar days, your Avans account will be suspended. You will then no longer be able to take part in educational activities and you will have no more access to educational facilities. We tell you about this in a third email. The email also states that you have one more chance to pay the outstanding amount, without any additional charges.

Still not paid after 16 calendar days

If we have not received the outstanding amount within 16 calendar days, your enrolment will be terminated as of the second month following the date of the third email. Based on the enrolment termination date, we will recalculate how much you still owe in tuition fees. You can no longer pay this amount to Avans, but must pay it to our debt-collection partner. The bailiff will send you a letter with payment instructions. If you nevertheless pay directly to Avans, we will let the bailiff know that you have paid us the amount, or part of it. You will still have to pay the additional charges to the bailiff.

Enrolling again

When you have paid the outstanding amount and all the additional charges in full, you can make a new request for enrolment via If you do so within a short period of time, you will be allowed to resume your studies with a rollover enrolment. If it takes longer, the board of your school may refuse your request to start again straight away.

If you want to (re-)enrol at Avans for the next academic year, you must first have paid the tuition fees for previous academic years in full. Only when your new enrolment has been finalised will you be able to take part in educational activities and have access to educational facilities again.

Payment in instalments or financial support

You can pay the tuition fees in nine instalments. The tuition fees have to be paid in full during the academic year in question. If you are dealing with special circumstances, please contact the student counsellor. The student counsellor can help you submit a request for financial support from the Profileringsfonds (Avans Fund for financial support of students). You are entitled to this in exceptional situations.


Do you have any questions about your payment arrears or the consequences thereof? Or do you need help? Just contact Student Support on +31 (0)88 - 525 75 50 or via this contact form. We will be happy to help you.