When preparing for your stay in the Netherlands, it is very important to ensure that you will be properly insured during your stay.

By law, it is mandatory to have health insurance. It is also important to have proper insurance cover for liability insurance, repatriation, household contents, luggage and legal aid. 

The Insurance checklist allows you to determine whether you are properly insured while studying in the Netherlands.

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Insurance is a complicated subject. If you are having difficulty, contact the International Office at or on +31(0) 88 - 52 80 01.

Health insurance

There is only one type of health insurance in the Netherlands, namely the basic health insurance (“basisverzekering”). Everyone living in the Netherlands is obliged to have this insurance, which costs around € 80.00 per month. This has a number of consequences for people from abroad whose residence in the Netherlands is temporary. As an international student it’s possible that you need to take out this insurance as well. On this page we have summarised what this means for you as a student.
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Liability Insurance

If you cause an accident and someone is injured or if you damage someone's property, you are responsible for paying all the costs caused by the accident. You might, for example, break something in your rented room. On a more serious note, you might also cause a road accident.
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