Project: Elderly Care In Asia

In China, care of elderly people is becoming a challenge. Therefore, there is a growing need to obtain efficient Western services and products as well as new advanced knowledge and training. Because of its unique and leading position, we observed growing interest in the Dutch elderly care approach.

In close cooperation with Dutch and Chinese partners, Avans university of Applied Sciences organizes the “Care in Asia” project. The project is a joint initiative of the Avans professorships of International Business and Active Ageing. The project serves simultaneously business, educational, and research goals. All partners involved contribute and benefit from cooperative partnerships in their own way. The project offers businesses easy and guided access to test markets and students developing opportunities with unique work - and graduation placements. Furthermore, we research care and business developments in Asia. 

The project has three aims

  1. to test Dutch products and services
  2. to professionalize Chinese elderly care employees and
  3. to research developments concerning care in Asia.

As a first step, we intent to start a TouchArea / GetLAB in Shanghai in order to show, test and adapt Dutch products and services for the Chinese market. As part of a new and large-scaled elderly care project in Shanghai, Chinese investors are willing to provide a  500 m2 space  to new Dutch product offerings. As part of their graduation, students of the Avans School of International Studies, department of Asian Business Studies"  and students of the Avans Healtcare Academy, department of Technology in Healthcare conduct these feasibility studies in which they integrate a business and care-content perspective. The students assist Dutch companies and relevant Chinese partners in their market entry and initial sales. Simultaneously, these studies are part of a research program. Avans focuses on the research and educational activities. 

As a second step on the longer term, we aim to open a Training Centre for elderly care professionals in Shanghai, China. Of course, this development is led by relevant Chinese parties, in cooperation with Dutch knowledge - and training service providers.

Next steps

The next months, Avans will:
  1. organize meetings with Dutch providers of tech-driven elderly care related products to investigate potential participation in the TouchArea / GetLAB , and
  2. discuss possibilities of starting a Training Center with Dutch providers of knowledge - and training services.

We follow a step-by-step approach. Therefore, commitments asked and initial costs and risks are limited. With interested partners, we will apply for a “Partners International Business” subsidy. Together we will define next actions.