lectoraten ondermijning en veiligheid in afhankelijkheidsrelaties

Violence in Dependency Relationships

This research group focuses on improving the approach used by professionals in dealing with violence in dependency and involuntary relations.

To this end, we conduct research into 3 types of violence: domestic violence and violence in the extended family (such as child, partner and elder abuse), violence committed by professionals and in institutions (for example in healthcare, educational and church institutions) and human trafficking (including lover boys or Romeo pimps and prostitution). These types of violence have in common that the violent act is intentional and that there is inequality of power between victim and perpetrator. The victim is dependent on the perpetrator or did not choose to have a relationship with the perpetrator.

Professionals dealing with these types of violence face great challenges. The juridification of society, decentralisation of care and the different stereotypical images of perpetrators and victims add to the complexity.

Dr Janine Janssen is Professor of Violence in Dependency Relationships.

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