Sustainable Strategy and Innovation

The Sustainable Strategy and Innovation research group conducts research into a new economy. An economy that contributes to the well-being of all. An economy in which people live in harmony with each other and with our planet.

We live in an era where everything seems possible, where every dream can come true. But we are reaching the limits of what our planet can sustain. We have not yet even succeeded in ending poverty, inequality and exclusion.

What forms of economics, business and organisation contribute to achieving the goal of wellbeing for all, living together in harmony with each other and the planet?


We work on those new economies by:

  • making a start, getting down to work and trying things out
  • learning from those who do things differently
  • connecting old and new wisdom and innovative technology
  • combining thought, action and the power of imagination
  • nurturing creativity and evolving insights
  • getting everyone involved
  • giving radical changes a chance

This is how we create new players, playing fields and rules. We can produce our own, too. An economy that as designed by us, can also be reshaped by us.

What do we do?

We devise and work on ways of doing business that contribute to ecological, cultural and economic diversity. We do this in 4 lines of research:

  1. The circular economy
    We focus on how we can help organisations create multiple value and enable them to join innovation networks.
  2. Game changers for a new economy
    We are looking for new players, playing fields and rules for an economy of the future.
  1. Stories for tomorrow's economy
    Together with the government, cultural institutions, entrepreneurs and education and research, we are creating a platform for stories about and ways of transitioning to different economies.
  2. Research that is small in scope to answer big questions
    More and more, we are finding ourselves facing issues that we do not yet have an answer to. The knowledge we have falls short, and we need varied people and organisations to supplement it. That is why we have set up a platform where students from all years can do small scale, practical and action-based research. The research group turns all those fragments into mosaics for an economy of the future.
  3. Motives for Sustainable Entrepreneurship
    The Motives for Sustainable Entrepreneurship associate research group involves SME entrepreneurs and their convictions and values in research and education. This gives the research group a clearer insight into the development of sustainable and circular business models. Central to this is the role of the entrepreneur's mindset in the transition process towards circular business models.

Key principles

  • We start out from the other extreme. In other words, we start by considering the utopia rather than the current issues. What is possible?
  • We work on the basis of engagement. We feel an affinity with the SDGs and The Earth Charter.
  • We look for a wide range of solutions. We are not looking for 'the' right solution, but for solutions that ensure everyone is in harmony with our planet.
  • We do this together. We co-create with entrepreneurs, artists, communities and free thinkers, doers and makers.
  • Everything we do is open source. The results are available to all and we also prefer to publicise the research process.
  • All knowledge counts. Experience, science, experiments, fantasy, stories, art, traditions and ancient wisdom.

Care to join us?

We start out from co-creation. The economy belongs to us all: researching, creating and imagining a new economy is only possible through co-creation. Are you working on an issue, large or small? Or would you like to take part in the research or one of our projects? If so, please feel free to contact us.

Contact information

+31 88 525 80 83
[email protected]