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Centre of Applied Research Future-Proof Education

Future-Proof Education is a Centre of Applied Research consisting of three research groups: Brain and Learning, Digital Education and Transdisciplinary Cooperation in Education. The team of education researchers challenges lecturers, educational advisers, educational administrators and students to reflect on matters, while also creating opportunities for behavioural and other changes in education. The goal is to improve education at Avans and beyond, in the education sector in general.

The main goal of Future-Proof Education (FPE) is gathering, developing, disseminating and anchoring knowledge in higher education. Knowledge that helps train students to become agile, resilient and socially-involved professionals. Among other things, the Centre of Applied Research contributes to achieving Ambition 2025 in an evidence-informed manner. This means that we improve education by looking at what works in real-life situations, based on knowledge gleaned from our research. This allows students and lecturers alike to develop the skills and expertise they need to be successful.

Future-Proof Education

This is important because the education offered by Avans evolves as the world changes. We are convinced that future-proof education requires evidence-informed educational development. We are continuously working to improve and update our education through research into, for, and in cooperation with the educational practice. Future-Proof Education connects educational research with the educational practice. It is a knowledge hub in which practice-based research is immediately tested in the educational environment.


In order to train students for the future, higher education must continue to develop. As such we conduct research into, for and in cooperation with the educational practice. Whether this applies to new ways of cooperation, applying new digital developments, or supporting the self-regulated learning of students; we are here to make education future-proof.

Interested in participating or learning more?

We are still developing the Future-Proof Education Centre of Applied Research at Avans. Would you like to learn more about this Centre of Applied Research or our specific knowledge and expertise? Or have you identified opportunities for cooperation in research areas? If so, please contact us.