Visa and residence permit

If you hold a nationality from outside the European Union and you want to reside in the Netherlands for a period exceeding 3 months, you must obtain a visa and/or residence permit prior to your departure to the Netherlands.

The visa is an authorisation to enter the Netherlands. It is an official sticker placed in your passport by the Dutch Embassy or Consulate in your country. The residence permit is the physical proof of your resident status in the Netherlands. You will receive it approximately 3 weeks after you have entered the Netherlands.

Note that you cannot apply personally for a visa and/or residence permit. Only the Avans International Office is authorised to apply for this document.

If you have a valid residence permit for study issued by another Member State of the European Union and you want to pursue part of your study programme in the Netherlands, then you may be eligible for Intra EU-mobility.

Applying for a visa and/or residence permit

The Avans International Office must apply for your visa and/or residence permit on your behalf. In order to start this procedure you must have already been formally admitted to one of our study programmes and:

You start your application by sending the above documents as individual PDF files to

Paying for your visa or residence permit application

The Avans International Office must apply for your visa and/or residence permit on your behalf. This means you will need to pay € 192 into the Avans bank account to cover the costs for your visa and/or residence permit application. This is regardless of the option you choose to prove you have sufficient funds. 

Keep in mind that the net amount received by Avans must be € 192. You must therefore always ask your bank if it charges transfer fees. 

Please transfer the amount to the Avans University of Applied Sciences bank account:

IBAN account number: NL31 RABO 0188 9177 64
Account holder name: Stichting Avans
BIC code: rabonl2u
Bank: Rabobank Breda
PO Box 3376
4800 DJ Breda
The Netherlands

Please note: you must always state your Avans student number and full name when transferring money to the Avans bank account. After transferring, please send us proof of payment via email to

We will not send any application to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service before we have received the full amount from you.


We will start the application procedure on your behalf once we have received:

  • the digital copies of the above mentioned documents
  • the application fees

Response from the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) may take between 3 and 6 weeks.  Once the Avans International Office receives a notice from the IND, we will inform you of the IND’s decision. In case of visa approval you will receive the information needed to schedule an appointment with the Dutch embassy/consulate in your country to collect this visa.


Make sure you send the required documents and transfer the money before the deadline, otherwise we cannot guarantee you will receive your visa in time and before your study programme is due to start.

Legal position and requirements to maintain your right to stay at Avans

Holding a residence permit for studying in the Netherlands gives you both rights and obligations. If you do not comply with the obligations, your entry visa may not be delivered to you or your residence permit may be withdrawn. This means you lose your right to stay in the Netherlands.

Your residence permit will be valid for the intended study period in the Netherlands plus 3 months. However, each year in October you must provide renewed evidence of sufficient available financial funds for that academic year and your stay in the Netherlands.

You must also pay your annual tuition fees, actively participate in your study programme and demonstrate sufficient study progress. Sufficient study progress is defined by the Dutch immigration authorities as: at least 50% of the study credits (=30 ECTS) for each year. However, Avans also requires you to successfully pass 52 out of the 60 ECTS for your first year of study at Avans in order to be allowed to stay on the course and to progress to the second year of study.

Please note that if you fail to meet these requirements, Avans is obliged to inform the Dutch immigration authorities. They may subsequently withdraw your residence permit.

More information

Read more concerning your legal position. Or contact the Avans International Office at or on +31 88 525 80 01.