Liability insurance

If you cause an accident and someone is injured or if you damage someone's property, you are responsible for paying all the costs caused by the accident. You might, for example, break something in your rented room. On a more serious note, you might also cause a road accident.

In addition, you may be held responsible for damage caused during professional activities. People who work in the health sector, for example, can be sued if something goes wrong.

Accidents such as these can be very expensive. You are therefore strongly urged to take out a good liability insurance policy, which will cover all costs in many cases.


What to do?

There are a few insurers in the Netherlands that offer special international insurance packages for students. They can help you with all your questions. Contact one of these companies:

Other types of insurance

It is also important to have proper insurance cover for your health care, repatriation, household contents, luggage and legal aid. The international student packages mentioned above incorporate several insurances in one package.


Avans University of Applied Sciences cannot be held liable if a student/trainee does not have (sufficient) health insurance cover. Every student enrolled at Avans is expected to have fulfilled his insurance obligations.

More information

At Avans, we understand that insurance can be a complicated subject. If you would like any help, please contact the International Office at [email protected] or on +31(0)88- 525 80 01.