Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Business

The 6 research groups which together make up the Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Business focus mainly on issues related to continuous improvement, sustainable enterprise and sustainable economic development.

Their research helps businesses and institutions to respond to the major changes which are taking place in our economic and social environment: rapid innovations, scarcity of raw materials, shifts in political power and developments in the labour market and in their own industries. 

In exploring the business models of the future and the new role organisations play within society, we contribute to a more sustainable regional economy and a more sustainable society. 

Research groups

The 6 research groups which together make up the Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Business:

  1. Improving Business
  2. International Business
  3. New Marketing
  4. Sustainable Finance and Accounting
  5. Sustainable Strategy and Innovation
  6. Sustainable Working and Organising

Research characteristics

Multidisciplinary collaboration 

We cooperate closely with our research partners in order to create new knowledge and tools. We help to develop professional practices and to solve social and economic problems. Our researchers search for new opportunities and possibilities in an open and creative manner. Our research establishes connections that cross disciplinary boundaries and subject areas. We collaborate with various centres of expertise, universities, research institutes and businesses.

Co-creation of knowledge with prospects for action

The professional field and participating universities contribute ideas for the research groups' agendas. The research output is the result of continuous dialogue between researchers and relevant stakeholders. Our research is aimed to make recommendations and facilitates decision-making for improving business practices. Practical usability is one of our cornerstones.

Various methods and techniques

In the practice-oriented research, our researchers constantly seek a balance between methodological diligence, pragmatism and added value to businesses. In order to obtain the best possible research results, we combine various research methods and techniques. From quantitative to qualitative, and from traditional experimental to action research and monitoring. 

Active participation of students and lecturers

The research actively involves students and lecturers in research projects wherever possible. The focus lies on 'learning through participation'. This approach also allows the centre to further enhance lecturers' expertise. Active interaction between professors and researchers, the professional field and participating schools creates new knowledge.