lectoraten ondermijning en veiligheid in afhankelijkheidsrelaties

Resilience to Subversive Crime

Subversive crime aims at weakening and abusing the structure of our society. It destroys its fundaments and threatens the legitimacy of our democratic societal structures and systems. The main threat derives from a growing range of organised criminal activities which have grown into a thriving industry defying democratic decisions and procedures. Above all, subversive crime is a money-driven phenomenon characterised by a strong link between the world of organised crime and respectable society.

This research group focuses on the mechanisms of subversive crime, the involvement of citizens, professionals and organisations and how to increase resilience against this type of crime. We also develop countersubversive strategies for and together with the professionals involved.

Dr Emile Kolthoff is Professor of Resilience to Subversive Crime.

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