Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology

Full-time programme in Breda

Full-time programme in Breda

The planet needs problem-solvers. The Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology programme will transform you into an ambitious environmental professional with a BSc degree.

A municipality wants to be carbon-neutral by 2040. As part of a consultancy team, you find ways to reduce the energy consumption and implement sustainable energy sources. You research solar panel yields and develop strategies to reuse CO2 for efficient food crop growth. Your solutions are financially viable and accepted by both industry and public, taking into consideration future developments, techniques and policies.


You want to keep the planet safe for future generations. You are interested in science subjects and have an open mind towards other cultures. You are a team player and, at the same time, self-motivated. You are adventurous, independent and enthusiastic about studying and working abroad.

The programme Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology

Through internationally oriented projects, training and courses, you will learn about subjects including sustainable energy techniques, bio-based waste management, biomimetics, clean-up technologies, cost-benefit analysis, environmental policy and law.

You can specialise by choosing 1 of 2 study tracks, enabling you to pursue a career in sustainable energy & resources recovery or water management, climate & ecosystems.

You will graduate with a Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) degree.

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Features of this study programme

Our approach is personal, practical and hands-on. Highly qualified lecturers provide personal coaching and guidance. ESSET is rooted in the natural sciences, offering real-world problems and project-based solutions. You will gain valuable career-oriented experience through projects for real clients, international excursions and 2 work placements abroad.

ESSET was voted best environmental sciences bachelor's degree programme by higher education guides Keuzegids hbo 2018 and Elsevier magazine's Best Studies 2017. top-rated programme 2018 Avans University of Applied Sciences

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