Claudia Berenice Cortina Castro

It stands out from all other Environmental Sciences programmes. The practical and personal approach makes it very unique.

I kind of always knew I wanted to study something related to the environment and nature, to be able to help tackle the problems that it is facing right now. After high school graduation, I had a vision of my goals, but I did not know which study programme was the right choice for me.

I believe coming to terms with what to study and work on in the future is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make, so I wanted to take my time to analyse all the possibilities inside and outside of Mexico, my home country. The wait was worth it as I am convinced that coming to Avans was the right decision.

Feels like home

After doing some research, I came upon Avans website, and ESSET instantly caught my eye. It seemed like I had found my study programme, but I had to see it in person to be sure. In 2019 I had the opportunity to visit the school facilities. Something I would strongly recommend if possible. I received a tour from a teacher, joined a lecture, and got to ask all my questions. I got the feeling that I was where I needed to be: Avans and Breda felt like home almost immediately.


I believe ESSET stands out from all other Environmental Sciences programmes offered in English in Europe. The practical and personal approach makes it very unique. Each period we change not only from courses and the main project but also the groups! Working with a different team every period did not sound appealing initially, but now it is one of the things I like better about this programme. I get to meet new classmates from many different cultures and backgrounds. I really like how all courses are intertwined and how the theory is put into practice most of the time.

In ESSET, you will get challenged to go one step further every time while still having the opportunity to reach out for help. Furthermore, we are assigned a coach who will stay on track with your personal and professional development during the whole 4 years and a tutor who will help and guide your group to navigate every new project. Despite attending mostly online classes due to Covid-19 regulations, I have truly enjoyed my experience so far as an ESSET student. I am excited to see where this programme will take me next.