Creating Sustainable Business Solutions

This exchange program will give you the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams with students from all over the world. You will use creative and innovative methods to develop creative business solutions and grow in your role as a leader. You will work in teams on a real-life assignment from Jobe International, European market leader in the area of watersport which is headquartered in the Netherlands. 

This exchange program is primarily based on (virtual) e-learning, as well as two weeks of face-to-face sessions with students and lecturers in Finland (Vaasa) and the Netherlands (Den Bosch). Next to online learning there will be weekly (online) introductions and coaching sessions, delivered by teachers from Avans and VAMK.

Sustainable Development Goals

Creating Sustainable Business Solutions has been specially designed for students who wish to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their personal and professional lives. This exchange program is primarily based on a unique cooperation between two leading Universities of Applied Sciences: Avans (the Netherlands) and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (Finland). The minor can be followed to a large extend online, with 2 (mandatory) exchange weeks in Vaasa and Den Bosch (see the section 'practical information') .