Aquacycle: Circular Water Technology

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of water engineering with our exchange programme AquaCycle: Circular Water Technology. You will dive deep into the vital role that water plays in our environment and society. You'll explore technologies to manage and protect this precious resource in a sustainable, circular approach.

Design and develop innovative systems

In the first 10 weeks of this exchange programme, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the water chain, from precipitation, use of drinking water and process water, sewage systems, wastewater treatment to reuse, by combining a solid theoretical foundation with practical experience. In the last 10 weeks, you'll design and develop innovative systems related to circular water technology at a company, and tackle real challenges. This will be done with a small multidisciplinary group of students as an internship.

Make a difference 

This exchange programme is tailor-made for the pioneers, the problem-solvers, and the planet-protectors. If you have a passion for engineering, sustainability, and making a difference, then the exchange programme AquaCycle is the next step in your educational journey. Join us as we make waves in the field of water technology, shaping the future one drop at a time.

Other information: in the first quarter, education will take place for certain weeks at Avans in Breda and other weeks in Den Bosch. Please take travel costs for the commute into account.