Biorefinery Technology

The development towards a biobased economy and the cooperation between the agricultural and chemical industries promote research and development activities with a focus on green materials, green building blocks and “greening” of the process industry.

In this programme, you will be directly engaged in the development and optimisation of chemical and biochemical processes. You will learn how to apply a project management approach while doing applied research with a focus on design or experimentation. This learning experience will equip you to come up with viable solutions for research questions from the process and bioprocess industry.

Group project

At the heart of this programme is a group project you will conduct with 3 to 4 students. Together you will work for a client, i.e. a company or governmental organisation, and you will be based both at the client and at Avans. You will carry out a project related to the development, design or optimisation of a process or part of a process on a lab, pilot or production scale.

International environment

Biorefinery Technology attracts Chemical Engineering students from all over the world. This gives you the opportunity to learn in a truly international environment.

This programme is part of the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at the School of Life Sciences and  Technology (ALST) in Breda.