Biomedical Innovations

The credit rating of this programme is 30 ECTS.

  • 6 ECTS will be covered by various in-depth courses, such as Research methods and communication, Wearable devices for health monitoring, and Science meets business. 
  • 2 ECTS are filled with a series of lectures about cutting edge medical innovations by an array of experts.
  • 20 ECTS are awarded for 2 projects in which groups of 4 students work on a specific topic, handed by a client. Workshops and field trips are included in these projects. The projects relate to the application of new technologies in the domain of life sciences. You will kick off the project by practicing your innovative skills under the supervision of Avans Innovative Studio’s (AIS).
  • 2 ECTS must be earned through the professional and personal development module. This module includes elective courses and the individual profile. This module further enhances the professional skills of our students and greatly improves their capabilities and future career prospects.