Biomedical Innovations

This module focuses on innovations in the field of life sciences. You will use your acquired skills and knowledge to approach real-life problems in healthcare. You will learn to improve your innovative skills and will learn more about entrepreneurship. During the module you will work on real-life problems with different project partners in the work field

This brand new module will be launched by ATGM in February 2022. You will broaden your horizon and learn more about different aspects in the field of healthcare.

Innovative solutions

New Technologies in Life Sciences not only improve healthcare but also lead to new applications of these technologies. Students of the BML programme mainly focus on working in a biological lab. During the module, they will focus on applying their expertise to real-life problems and deliver an innovative solution in co-creation with the work field. Themes as; prevention, wearable (sensor) devices, digital health, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) form valuable input for this module. To be concrete, you will work on questions as:

  • How can we improve health more intelligently and efficiently by using the latest technologies?
  • What hurdles do you have to take starting a company to sell a newly developed prototype? 
  • What products or apps can help patients to support their recovery or might even prevent it? And what is the scientific basis for this?