Biobased Chemistry

The weight of this minor is 30 ECTS. Of which 10 EC is filled with courses and trainings. 18 EC are dedicated to the project in which the student will set up and implementing a research plan. Workshops, lectures, and excursions can be part of the project. The remaining 2 EC will go to an English course and CAA (extra curriculum activities). 

The students are expected to be independent during these studies. He/she must study the course material individually. Through work discussions and development meetings with the lecturer(s) and fellow students, the material already mastered and yet to be learned will be dealt with.

Name of module

Module type

ECTS credits

There will be several topics available. You’ll be part of a group but with a strong individual part as well. Projects will preferably be executed in cooperation with the work field and/or Centres of Applied Research. We will spend about 60-70 hours in the lab during the project, about a day per week.



Simultaneous Optimization 



Aromatic Natural Substances



Green Chemistry 






Professional and personal orientation




The project, courses, training and PPO should be completed successfully to gain 30 EC in this minor.