Arts & Humanity

What would your ideal society look like? How can you, as an artist or designer, improve the world? The Arts & Humanity programme is all about social engagement.

You will explore your own sense of social involvement, which you will then translate into work or projects. In doing so, you will investigate how you might exert influence on society. How do you create bold, expressive work? How do you make people think? How do you initiate change? How can you, together with others, achieve something that transcends your individual capabilities?

Learning objectives

In the Arts & Humanity programme, you learn:

  • to engage with contemporary social issues as an artist
  • to work together productively with students from other disciplines
  • to work together professionally with external parties
  • to apply various forms of visual and theoretical research
  • to reflect on your artistic or professional position.

More information

To learn more about the Arts & Humanity programme, consult our magazine.