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This one-year Master of Animation is directed towards realizing your creative potential. You will learn to critically and creatively integrate innovatory studio work with theoretical principles.

You explore storytelling in animation and compare this with your own artistic vision and style. You carry out research to discover which developments in the field of animation are relevant to your practice. You acquire experience in studio work and focus on planning, feasibility and production processes, with an emphasis on testing your own artistic freedom in relation to working on commission.

You widen your technical knowledge and skill sets and learn how to test your storytelling in animation. And you learn to develop your work, artistic development, research and experimental exploration on the level of Animation Principles, Acting & Performance, Modelling, Workflow and Sound Design.

The Master of Animation is delivered in 12 months, across 2 semesters starting early September and ending late August. It is comprised of 5 study periods and corresponding units of study. Each period ends with an assessment correlated to adhering intended learning outcomes. 4 learning tracks run throughout the programme to enable you to develop your animation practice in correlation to the intended learning outcomes: Storytelling & Design, Producing, Positioning and Research, and Professional Practice.

Programme features

Industry-oriented teaching
Interdisciplinary learning
Collaborative research
Innovatory studio practice

More about this master

What will you be trained to do

Your job

The Master of Animation is an opportunity to lay the foundation for a long-term, sustainable career in the creative sector. Students graduate with the skills necessary to respond to opportunities in a rapidly evolving field, as well as the ability to adapt to future changes.

Your studies will take place within a diverse community of master's students from many different backgrounds. Engaging with people from all over the world in a multidisciplinary environment will enrich your practice and allow you to build a unique network of peers. Furthermore, through active collaboration with makers and studios outside of the academy, you will gain experience in a wide range of practices and build a valuable professional network. Our hands-on, interdisciplinary approach enables you to take bold steps in your career after graduation.

What is expected of you

The Master of Animation is right for you if you are an animator of illustrator committed to exploring the growing application of animation within art, design and interactive media. And if you want to develop a wider understanding of animation.

Besides that, you are interested in further professionalizing yourself within the field of animation. And you have a background in adjacent fields in the visual arts and are interested in adding animation to your repertoire.

Programme structure Animation - Master

Study programme

The lesson time is used not for the linear transfer of information, but rather as a forum for student-led discussion and constructive critique of ideas and problem solving. The undertaking of contextual research and the development of a research question(s) is essential to the articulation of your own personal style and attitude.

Dedicated workshops, modules, research seminars, group critiques and tutorials support you in developing a critical toolbox of forms of creative practice.

Year 1

The curriculum offers you flexibility, as well as a fixed programme of classes.

Fixed elements are:

  • Independent Studio Practice
  • Professional Practice
  • Research Seminars

With these flexible elements you can design your own curriculum:

  • Tutorials
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • (International) study trips to animation festivals in Europe, such as: Playgrounds, Kaboom Animation Festival, Anima Brussels and Annecy.

The most significant point of reference is your self-directed research and independent studio project.

Admissions requirements Animation - Master

Prior education

Animation is open to Bachelor of Animation and Bachelor of Illustration graduates. Or similar practicing professionals in the field with experience in animation.

Spoken and written proficiency in English is required (ie. IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge).

Admissions assignments

These assignments are part of the preparation. You must submit the following documents via our assignment site:

1. Curriculum Vitae (max. 1 A4 page)
2. Personal Statement (min. 1 A4)
3. Practice Portfolio
4. Research Proposal (max. 2 A4)

You will receive the login codes for the intake dashboard after you have enrolled in Studielink.

Assessment interview

An admissions interview via Teams is conducted after approval of the assignments by the admission committee. During the admission procedure we test your study motivation, research goals, artistic skills, and theoretical knowledge in regard to the specific master programme you applied for.

Practical information Animation - Master


If you have decided to pursue this study programme you will need to register for it. Before you do, make sure you have informed yourself about our rules and regulations.

Please apply via our Dutch website if you are a Dutch student.

Application procedure

You must apply for this master's degree programme via the Studielink website.

In addition to the application procedure via Studielink you must also send us several documents.

Be sure to keep an eye on the enrolment deadline. You will find the deadline at 'Admissions requirements' of this programme.

Start month Location Application deadline
September EEA 31 August 2024
September Non EEA 1 May 2024

Apply for this programme

After application we will contact you to inform you on the further procedure.  


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Tuition fees

In the overview below you will find the tuition fee amounts that have been set for new students at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Which of these 3 fees applies to you depends on the category you are in. In general, students from the European Economic Area (EEA) pay the statutory fee, while other students pay the institutional or non-EEA fee. Exchange students generally pay their tuition fees to their home institution and not to Avans.

Please check the tuition fees page for detailed information.

Fee Amount Year
Statutory fee € 2,314,- 2023 - 2024
Non-EER fee € 8,852,- 2023 - 2024
Institution fee € 8,852,- 2023 - 2024
Statutory fee € 2,530,- 2024 - 2025
Non-EER fee € 9,680,- 2024 - 2025
Institution fee € 9,680,- 2024 - 2025


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