International Business

Full-time programme in 's-Hertogenbosch

Full-time programme in 's-Hertogenbosch

International Business prepares you for a career in a global environment. You will become an expert at doing business in cross-cultural settings.

A Dutch company produces cereals for people with food allergies and exports its products to different countries in Europe. Unfortunately its market share in Eastern Europe is not growing as planned. As international market intelligence officer you analyse the current market, the cereal industry and the economic environment to identify factors that potentially limit your company's growth.


As an enterprising individual, you like to set your own learning goals. You are open-minded, independent and adventurous, a global citizen eager to discover other ways of working, living and doing business. Your work makes an impact while respecting people and planet. Discerning and creative, you are a born communicator and business enthusiast. You embrace challenges and enjoy working as a team.

The programme International Business

International Business helps you become a successful professional. You will become a global citizen with a solid knowledge base, proficiency in modern languages and a highly developed intercultural sensitivity and global mindset. Your cultural and sustainability awareness helps you to make an impact with respect. You will graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. This programme is NVAO-accredited.

Features of this study programme

You will have the unique opportunity to create your own learning path throughout the study programme. As your personal and professional development is at the core of our teaching, the programme uses a variety of learning methods. Lecturers act as coaches: sparring partners who help you to solve problems, find answers, be creative and think outside the box. This programme has a strong focus on international marketing & sales and acquiring multilingual communication and cross-cultural skills.

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Check the difference between IB in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Breda (pdf).