International Business

Full-time programme in Breda

Structure of the programme

Year 1 is divided into 4 quarters. You will spend half of year 2 in class and the other half doing a work placement. Years 3 and 4 consist of 2 semesters. You can spend the second semesters of these years abroad on a study exchange or graduation assignment.

Foundation phase

In year 1 you will gain basic knowledge that you will apply later. The topics focus on marketing, finance, operations and business processes. You will take language classes in English and 1 or 2 other foreign languages. You will do group projects and visit international companies. And you will practise skills, like how to conduct meetings and think creatively. You can take 60 ECTS credits in each year of study. You must earn a minimum of 52 ECTS credits in year 1 in order to progress to year 2.

Advanced phase

Year 2 is about deepening and applying knowledge. You will take subjects like project management and corporate culture, and do a work placement. In year 3 you will focus on how businesses should organise their international operations. In the second semester you will follow an exchange programme or complete a minor to expand or deepen your knowledge and skills. The first semester of year 4 is about Strategic Business Decisions. In the second semester, you will do your graduation internship.

Course overview

1-year subjects
Subjects Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Organisation & People I x
Culture and Ethics in Asian Business Relations x
Financial and Management Accounting I x x
International Marketing & Sales I x x
Project 1: SWOT Analysis x x
Foreign language x x x x
International Business Awareness I x
Service Industry I x
Business Research I x
Operations/Supply Chain Management I x
Service Industry II x
Operations/Supply Chain Management II x
Financial and Management Accounting II x
Intercultural Proficiency I x
Project 2: Business Plan x
Business Research II x x
International Marketing and Sales II x x
Entrepreneurship x
Project 3: Business Research x
Intercultural Proficiency II x
2-year subjects
Subjects Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Project 1: Business Strategies x
Economics x
Investment Decisions x
Foreign Language x x
Business Communication x x
Marketing x x
Qualitative Methods x
Corporate Culture & Management x
Financial and Management Decisions x
Project 2: Business Vision x
Work Placement x x
3-year subjects
Subjects Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
International Marketing & Sales x
International Business Awareness x
Supply Chain Management x
Currency Risk x
Project 1: Business Expansion x x
Business Communication (English) x x
Financial Management x
Minor OR Semester Exchange x x
4-year subjects
Subjects Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Social Entrepreneurship x
Marketing & Sales (International Business Case) x
Organisation & People (International Business Case) x
Strategic Finance (International Business Case) x
Supply Chain Management (International Business Case) x
Sustainable Business x
Project 1: Strategic Business Decisions x
Graduation Project x x

Additional course overview information

The study programme is founded on so-called 'learning lines'. The key components of the learning lines are knowledge, projects, skills, languages and coaching. You see the knowledge line and language courses above. Skills line courses involve meeting skills, interview skills and presentation skills. Each quarter you will do a project and have coach meetings. You will spend at least one year abroad during a work placement, an exchange programme or the graduation assignment.


Several Partners

joint education

In the third year, you can follow an exchange programme at one of our partner institutions. We have partners in many countries both within and outside Europe. A limited number of places are available.