International Business

Full-time programme in Breda

Full-time programme in Breda

International Business, previously International Business and Management Studies, prepares you for a role in international management. You will be trained in marketing, management and finance.

A large multinational wants to tap into a new market in Brazil. You give the management advice on marketing. Or a mobile phone manufacturer wants to relocate some of its production to Eastern Europe. You research the options and write a business plan.

As an international business manager you can advise on all sorts of business matters. Like communication, marketing, trade, sales or finance. You approach international business issues from various perspectives and resolve them.


You are open-minded about other cultures and you have an international scope. You are independent, but a team player at the same time. And you are adventurous and self-motivated. You take an interest in international businesses, how they are organised and how they can improve.

The programme International Business

You will acquire broad knowledge of international management, marketing, organisations and finance. And you will develop relevant professional skills, such as intercultural teamwork, planning, leadership and business communication. We maintain close contact with the professional world. The study programme is taught in English.

Upon completion of the course, you will be granted the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Features of this study programme

Our community is truly international. Both students and lecturers come from the Netherlands and abroad. Our approach is personal. You will work in small groups and have your own personal coach.

You will specialise in one of the 4 majors. You will learn a second foreign language and spend at least 1 year abroad. You may also obtain a double degree.

Avans University of Applied Sciences is the first Higher Education Institution in the Netherlands to receive the FIBAA Premium Seal. This Seal is awarded to the programme International Business and Management Studies.