Mission and identity

Our mission: the best, based on passion and commitment

We aim to develop talent by helping future graduates to become highly qualified professionals, who continuously develop themselves and their profession and who are aware of their social responsibility also from an international perspective.

We aim to contribute towards shaping and realising social, cultural and economic developments in the region by acting as a sustainable partner for regional companies, authorities and organisations in developing, sharing and generating knowledge and carrying out practice-based research.

We aim to be a socially innovative organisation whose staff are committed to using their professional skills to help to develop students, the profession and the region to the best of their ability.

Our ambitions  

To ensure that we are:

  •  the best comprehensive university of applied sciences* in terms of quality, which prioritises talent development
  •  a knowledge partner for (regional) companies, authorities and organisations, with a focus on contributing towards a sustainable society
  •  a socially innovative organisation, where successful processes are designed based on demand and the key word is commitment.

We set the bar high, as reflected in our own quality mark.

*The university of applied sciences with the most study programmes rated #1