Jan Bogerd

Mr J. (Jan) Bogerd, MBA


Portfolio allocation and ancillary positions

Portfolio of the primary position

  • Policy fields: education, integrated quality assurance, internationalisation, LLO.
  • Business practices: student affairs/international office (Marketing, Communication and Student Relations Unit).
  • Service Department: Centre for Learning and Innovation (LIC), (Breda/Tilburg/'s-Hertogenbosch).
  • Management of boards of: Centre for Learning and Innovation, School of Part-Time Studies (Breda/'s-Hertogenbosch), School of Social Work, Education and Health (Breda), School of Management, Public Administration and Finance ('s-Hertogenbosch), School of the Sustainable Built Environment (Tilburg/'s-Hertogenbosch), School of Value Creation and Entrepreneurship ('s-Hertogenbosch), School of Business and Entrepreneurship (Breda), School of Technology and Innovation (ATIx) (Breda).
  • Circle: Teaching.
  • Town/city: Tilburg.

Ancillary positions, in conjunction with the primary position

  • Member of the board for the University of Law Avans-Fontys.

The secretary for Mr Jan Bogerd is Ms Franka de Graaff
+31 88 - 525 81 44 
[email protected]