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Commerciële Economie

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Anna Matveeva

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a very warm and friendly country with a rich culture, plenty of history and a truly enjoyable atmosphere. It is not such a big country, everything is relatively close. Bikes are everywhere! Holland has many bicycle paths, which make riding a bike relatively safe. Most students have their own bike; a comfortable form of transport to reach the university.


The citizens are friendly, kind and very polite. Everyone can speak English. And I have to say that they know how to party! I really like the city. In the centre you can find many pavement cafés, shops and a beautiful park with a fountain in the middle. A cosy city to live and study in.


I have always been interested in different cultures. Avans has a truly international atmosphere. I was immediately inspired by the breath-taking university building. It has a modern library “Xplora”, conveniently located study rooms with smart boards and a canteen with very tasty Dutch dishes.

The programme

I would recommend this programme to students who want to study in an international atmosphere and gain knowledge in finance, business economics and accounting. It was also interesting to find out that many Avans students do an internship abroad as part of their study programme.

The group work assignments were new for me. You work in groups of 3-4 students. I was proud of the attitude of my group mates, and their relevant comments which they added during, for example, open debates.
This programme will, without doubt, help me in my future career. If I had a chance to take a part in this programme again, I would be very happy.

The teachers

All lecturers are qualified; everything about their teaching style is good. I will never forget all the fun activities they included in our classes to enhance learning. I especially like how they relate the material to real-life examples: it makes it so much easier to understand the theory.

I have never experienced such good cooperation with teaching staff before. I experienced friendly communication among all members of the team, who were committed to meeting the needs of all students.