Sustainable Energy and Resource Recovery

Our economic and technological system is built upon the foundation of oil, gas and coal. As we are progressively using more of these fossil fuels, we are eroding these foundations. In addition, the pressure of climate change forces us to abandon the use of fossil fuels, as soon as possible.

On the other hand, our society creates waste at an unprecedented scale and speed. And although we are reminded daily of the goal to reuse and reduce our waste, we are still swimming in a world of waste. Practical solutions are needed, now more than ever.

Real challenges

We offer a unique programme which starts with the answer – we need to move towards a society based on sustainable energy sources and smart ways to recover resources from our waste. The programme is based on a technological understanding of the problem, but has a practical hands-on approach. Together with a variety of clients students work in groups to tackle real challenges related to sustainable energy and resource recovery.