Innovation and Creativity

The minor Innovation and Creativity explains innovation as the process of generating sustainable new products, services or business opportunities. However, it is not just the invention of a new idea that is important but also 'bringing it onto the market'. We teach students to put the ideas into practice and exploit them in a manner that leads to successful entrepreneurial activities as well as a more sustainable future. 


Managing innovation becomes a more and more relevant topic. Global and virtual competition demand us to be able to manage innovation short and long term. Managing innovation has its effects on multiple organizational aspects, like culture, HR, and marketing, and requires an entrepreneurial mindset. How this works will be discussed in this course.


To be innovative you need to be creative. In the 'creativity for innovation' workshops, you will learn the starting principles of creativity, explore your creative potential, and learn and apply creative thinking, brainstorming, prototyping, concept writing, concept visualization, storytelling, facilitating creative sessions, creative tools, and creative leadership.

In the innovation projects, you will work in a mixed multi-disciplinary group of 3, 4 international students who will be working on innovative challenges for our clients.