Disruptive Events

From natural disasters to climate change, migration, and terrorist attacks, the world around us is constantly changing from unpredictable events outside of our control. Disasters not only have far-reaching consequences for the built environment, economies, nature and government institutions, but also for individual security. Climate change exacerbates the number and severity of disastrous events happening around the world and each year more people migrate either within countries or to other parts of the world in order to adapt. The urgency of these situations has led to increased pressure on political institutions, polarization, and critical debates within the European Union.

Building Professional Resilience

During this half-year multidisciplinary minor programme, you will gain a comprehensive overview of the most pertinent events affecting nature and society and acquire the skills to effectively respond as a resilient professional. This minor invites you to analyze complex challenges and provide sustainable solutions for (inter)national disaster contexts. You have the opportunity to develop into a leader in (disaster) risk and resilience within your own professional background and learn through experiments, simulations, projects, field trips, lectures, and literature.

Joint Initiative

This minor programme is hosted by the School of the Sustainable Built Environment (ADGO) in collaboration with the School of Management, Public Administration and Finance (AMBF) and the School of Life Sciences and Technology (ALST).

Workfield Partners

Many industry partners contribute to this programme with workshops, excursions, and lectures. This will allow you to understand the profound complexity of disruptive events and their potential impact in the future. Some of our programme partners include:

  • Regional Safety Service of Brabant
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Delft University of Technology
  • Red Cross
  • Cordaid
  • Care4Calais
  • University Medical Center Utrecht

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