Disruptive Events

“In Lesbos we were able to get a better idea of what life was like for the refugees. It was quite amazing to see how happy all the children were who lived in the camps. I was also surprised by how much the staff at the camp tried to give the refugees the feeling that they could live normal lives.”

“Working in a refugee camp, well that was something I thought I would never do, but it happened and the experience was special. Being there and seeing the conditions in the camp, although the camp was not bad, the conditions were far from ideal. I cannot imagine what it is like to live there for several years without knowing what the future would bring. The children there have had terrible experiences in life, yet they are playing there like nothing has happened.”

“I like the relevant projects that we could pick from. It was great to work with Cordaid and I am amazed about the projects they do. I am also happy the partner organisation is eager to apply our recommendations directly.”

“I have acquired a new perspective on a professional in a disruptive event. The guest lectures, the study trip to Palermo and the excursions were the most relevant for me.”

“The experts really opened my mind about practical and ethical issues in the field. I enjoyed the in-depth discussions in class.”