Business, Leadership and Sustainability

You can participate in an exchange programme at Avans University of Applied Sciences if your home institution has concluded an agreement with Avans. Under this agreement you can be nominated to study with us.

Please read the details on the Applying as an exchange student page or contact your home institution's exchange coordinator for details. Alternatively, you can join us as a freemover.


A video-pitch of approximately 2 minutes is required in order to assess your eligibility and motivation for this program. Please, elaborate on why you would like to join, how you wish to promote social, environmental and economic sustainability in your personal and professional live, and how you deal with uncertainty, the key issue in our minor. 

Next edition

The next edition of the programme starts on Tuesday,  January 30,  2024 (09.30 a.m.).

The first two weeks consist of crucial team building, allocation of the assignments and the vital explanation of our modus operandi (didactic approach). Make sure to be on time. If not, you maybe should reconsider your application.

We will end the programme after 17 weeks, which will be mid June 2024 at the latest.