Water and Liveability

Exchange programme

The Dutch approach to solving water issues in urban residential and river areas is world-famous. Sustainability, room for the river, building with nature and the consensus economy are at the heart of this approach.

In this exchange programme, you will find out what this Dutch approach actually entails and how it can be used for projects abroad while taking cultural differences and socio-economic aspects into account. 

Multidisciplinary team

As a student, you will choose a specific role, e.g. designer, administrator, manager or user. This role will determine your approach to the project you will be working on. You will form a multidisciplinary team with Architecture and Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering and Spatial Development students.

Related bachelor's degree programmes

This programme is part of the following bachelor’s degree programmes of the School of the Built Environment and Infrastructure:

  • Bachelor of Architecture and Construction Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Spatial Development.