Disruptive Events

Our society is changing due to constant external events. In this 1/2 year multidisciplinary minor programme, you will acquire a broad overview of external events impacting nature and society and discover how to respond and act. You will learn how to professionally deal with disruptive events in society, such as natural disasters, migration, climate change or terrorist attacks.


Each year more people are on the move because of disasters and conflict. Due to climate change, the number of disaster events increases every year, as does their impact on society. Migration flows raise questions in our society and in Europe this is a vivid topic of debate. Within and between cities and countries,  polarization is increasing. You will familiarize yourself with and analyze the most commonly used approaches and consider the resilience of societies and nature.

Gain experience in analyzing complex challenges and providing sustainable solutions for international and  national disaster contexts and become a leader in (disaster) risk and resilience with your own professional background! You will learn in different courses, through experiments, simulations, projects, field trips, lectures and literature.

Joint initiative

This minor programme is a collaboration by 3 Avans schools; Built Environment and Infrastructure, Safety & Security Management, Life Sciences & Environmental Technology. The programme is hosted by the School of the Built Environment and Infrastructure.

Industry partners

Many industry partners contribute to this programme with workshops, excursions and lectures. This will allow you to understand the profound complexity of disruptive events and their impact on you in the future. Programme partners include:

  • Firefighters
  • Royal Netherlands Army
  • Red Cross
  • migrant reception centres
  • Cordaid
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Delft University of Technology

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