Business, Leadership and Sustainability

Exchange programme

This exchange programme will give you the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams with students and companies from all over the world. You will learn to think as an entrepreneur and develop a new innovative skill set. You will use creative and innovative methods to develop new sustainable business models and grow in your role as a leader. Learn to make an impact and become a game changer. Business, Leadership and Sustainability has been designed for students who wish to promote social, environmental and economic sustainability in their personal and professional lives.

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Today’s global social and environmental issues are complex and complicated. They cannot be solved by governments on their own. Companies and institutions also play a huge role in this necessary sustainable transition. By taking part in this programme, you will learn how to act upon these issues to make an impact.


It is uncertain what various current developments will bring, but they are definitely here to stay. The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain will provide our society and businesses with new opportunities.

As a course participant, you must prepare to embrace this uncertainty. You will challenge the existing business models from the perspectives of personal leadership and sustainable thinking. And you will develop new ones to make a meaningful contribution to the 21st-century embedded economy.

You will develop skills with respect to sustainable business models, sustainable strategy and transition, inner leadership, system thinking, ethics, creative thinking, change management, and intercultural collaboration.

Coaches will support you in creating your own learning strategies, guide you through your learning process and act as sparring partners. You are fully accountable for your own learning process.

A video-pitch of approximately 2 minutes is required in order to assess your eligibility and motivation for this program. Please, elaborate on why you would like to join and how you deal with uncertainty, the key issue in our minor.

Please, note, we strive to achieve a 50/50 mix of Dutch and foreign students.


You will benefit from the programme’s strong industry linkages as you will be working on actual projects with real organisations. Some of the projects previous students worked on in order to challenge the existing business models are:

  • How can the manufacturing industry contribute to a circular economy in North-Brabant?
  • Which business and/or societal solutions are possible to diminish the negative effects of ‘the last mile’?
  • How can Zero Waste NL develop a business model that allows the Zero Waste NL movement to become sustainable in the long run?
  • (A) Design the purpose-driven workplace of the future, (B) examine what is withholding organizations at this moment to become purpose-driven and (C) develop an integrated change-approach to turn these ‘traditional’ organizations to purpose-driven ones.
  • Based on multiple scenarios, how can Brundtland build an eco-village together with stakeholders that is sustainable and circular, both from the start and in the long run?

In order to answer these questions, students have conducted research in numerous fields of interest:

  • Planetary economy: challenging the models of endless growth
  • Re-thinking corporate strategies for a sustainable and equitable future
  • Transforming economic thinking towards sustainable development
  • Personal footprint: create your own model for a positive societal and environmental impact
  • Impact investment for both financial return and social and environmental good
  • Multiple value creation and social enterprising


This programme is part of the Bachelor of Business Administration at the School of Economics and Business Management in Breda. Breda is located in the famous Amsterdam – Eindhoven – Antwerp (B) triangle.

Meet your coaches

Ingrid Devjak

"I am an MBA post-graduate from the University of Bradford School of Management and I teach Business English for the bachelor's degrees in Accountancy and Finance & Control. In my role as coach and facilitator of this programme I stimulate students to find their own way of researching the field of sustainable business and ultimately make a real difference."

Joost van Hilst

"In the words of Kate Raworth: ‘Creating a business model isn’t simply about completing your business plan or determining which products to pursue. It’s about mapping out how you will create ongoing value for your customers and our society as a whole. In other words, to meet the needs of all within the means of the planet to ensure that no one falls short on life’s essentials, while ensuring that collectively we do not overshoot our pressure on Earth’s life-supporting systems’. I am looking forward to investigating that."

Lennard Terpsma

"For 12 years, I have been teaching Finance students about figures, profit, loss, return on investments etc. Although I already pointed out that the world is much more than figures, I would like to broaden your and my view. This minor is a great opportunity to do so. How can we assure a good future for everyone? I think education is key in this process, so let’s go and travel this minor together. Looking forward to meeting you all!"

Ben Berndt

"I spent most of my career at insurance company Nationale Nederlanden. My last function at NN was head of strategy and governance. At Avans I teach law, governance, risk management and compliance. Within risk management there’s a new topic called integrated risk management that also deals with non-financial long-term risks. This is also my starting point to further explore sustainability."

Meet former students

Maciej Fortunski

"Taking part in the minor of Business, Leadership & Sustainability was a positive experience which will resonate for the rest of my life. I have learnt that we as a species need to take responsibility for our actions, not only in scope of impacting the planet, but also the lives of other people. I have learnt that cooperation is key to success and that the real change, real impact, starts with myself. The minor also encourages students to look deeply into oneself, and nudges positive change; of character and view of the world. All the trips and assignments were great experiences, though I would have liked to see more lectures being done. Great time and great minor!"